Friday, 19 February 2010

Soldier Girl.

With this crazy world we live in,
we can either choose to fit in,
or refuse to;
by looking past the things that go on around you and try to live a normal life.
One of peace, happiness and serenity.

The reason why some only have a few friends is 'cause they only want true friends.
Those who won't lie, bitch or disrespect you in any way.
Those who are there beside you, even if they don't see you as much.
Those who tell you the truth even if it hurts.

But in this world, it's hard to find a genuine friend who won't hurt you at least once from their lies, immoral attitude or whatever you want to call it.

With the crazy decisions people make, there is no putting sense into it, apart from understanding it from their view and living with it.
Whether you accept it or not is your choice.
You gotta learn to soldier it.

With every problem that you're faced with,
you gotta soldier it,
instead of being depressed with it all the time,
help your friends with theirs.
It's just so crazy how this all works.

Behind every smile, are a thousand tears.

But behind this smile, is just an independent girl living her life, trying to live it the right way.
Maybe it's too late to turn my mistakes around.
But I'm living my life the way I want to live it.
The way I should be living it.
Truly happy.

But to survive, I gotta be this soldier girl.
Who fights with her heart just to be able to do the right thing.
'Cause I guess the heart isn't always gonna be right,
and you hurt less listening to your head.

Lost in a world that doesn't always make sense,
but I face it with a smile,
and always forgive so easily and maybe forget.

It's not easy doing this,
and it hurts 'cause they don't realise how much it hurts each time you swallow what they do and simply say "it's ok".
But I guess this is what happens,
when you love them.