Sunday, 26 April 2009


Yes can you believe I still haven't slept yet geeez. My sleeping pattern is so messed up. Ever since the Easter holidays I haven't been able to sleep properly! Sad times I know 'cause I love my sleep but I got deadlines to meet, revision to do. So much work load; so much stress. Ahhh being a teenager is all love and hate conflict really. So you're wondering why I'm still up at THIS particular time... It's because I had to finish my darn English Coursework off where we were only given two weeks to complete = two drafts only, the 1st draft and final draft. I just had to start all over again 'cause I'm determined to get an A in it!!! Even if it's a few marks off an A, I don't care, I know I spent time fixing it up anyway =].
So... I got church in roughly 4hours and a bit so there is no way I'm sleeping now otherwise I won't be able to get up! I will have to kill time by doing some revision, reading and of course blogging! :D I actually have cut down on MSN and Facebook 'cause I'm back to college and it's not so necessary nowadays unless you gotta talk to people about something important or urgent. There's not a lot of free time on my hands anymore and more of my time is going to be taken up by dance. Yes, I'm going back to dance after two years or more!! I'll be slacking but allow me, it takes time to get back into the habit again. I guess that will be my new form of excercise - I love ittt! But I gotta make sure it doesn't get in the way of my studies. Oh dear such a hassle these exams hey. Oh well, that's the way life goesss. Okay so I'm chatting enough s**t on here, I'll just catch up on my sleep when I get home from church. The sun is friggin out already and the sky is blue! LOL.
Sleep we don't back!
Until next time, Audrey*

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Music :]*

I'm one of those people who would say "Music is my LIFE", but don't misjudge me when I say that. I'm into nearly every type of music you can think of, sometimes even Classical ;P - I did tell you I'm not your typical average girl lol. This blog is just about Musicians/Singers who are doing it for me :] Off course I'm into the typical Old School Garage and Funkyhouse etc but the songs which inspire me the most are the ones who bring a new flavour into music, or an artist who I see different from others.

Tonya Mitchell
In my opinion is one of THE best slow jam artists right now. I love her music too much! I just couldn't find a site with her music on so just download it or buy her album ;] Some of her songs are up on youtube but I wouldn't say it's updated.

Pixie Lott
She's a fresh new artist who I think has some BANGING tunes! It's fresh, different and funky. You need to listen to her. Love her or hate her, I don't care but personally her music is HOTTT.


Filipino female artist. You don't pronounce her name as K-Cat, just pronounced at "Cat" lol. Her first big hit was "My Destiny" then "I Got U" followed soon after. Now she's got a new kind of flavour of music which is different but I love it! :D

Jason Mraz
I've got to say my favourite song from him is "Im Yours" - it's so catchy, flowy and touching when you listen to the lyrics carefully.

Deborah Cox
Someone buy me her album please!!! Her songs inspire me :D

Lady Gaga
The infamous Gaga. She wears a wig for her long hair but oh well! She slyly dirty as well but we love her 'cause she knows the meaning of fun ^_^


Don't upset the rhythm!!!

Jazmine Sullivan

She's making it big!!! Her songs mean a lot and she brings in something different that other R&B artists haven't brought yet. I love her songs, I just need the money to buy it from HMV ><
She's kind of retired now 'cause of her baby =[ but she will always be a great artist in my eyes =] from her music to her clothing.

The Ting Tings
I just have to say one thing... SHUT UP AND LET ME GO HEY! LOL

Now let's take it back to the good old days... which still makes my heart skip a beat everytime I hear them :]
Boyz II Men

They are by far THE BEST slow jam writers/singers in living history 'cause no one can compare to the flavour they brought.

Brian Mcknight

I'm not even going to lie. His songs can make me cryyy my eyes out!!! Especially his song that goes "never felt this way about loving it feels so good" ahhh wow. He's so wow and I'm proud to say his wife is Filipino :D and he even made a tagalog version of his song "I'm Sorry" =] It's a shame I didn't get to buy tickets for his concert at the O2 >=[

I'll add to this when I'm bothered again :D
Until next time, Audrey*

Thursday, 16 April 2009


My best friend inspired me to write this blog because she had recently been in a near death experience and was rushed to the hospital. Sitting in the same chair I was sitting in when she called me telling me what was happening before she had been rushed made me realise that I'm nowhere near prepared for losing any of my friends, my closest ones especially. I was sitting there not knowing what to do, wondering what was going to happen next and who to tell. It was not my business to tell everyone what was happening to her. This made me realise that I should make the most out of my friends who are still here because I never know when they'll just be gone in an instant. It's not like I don't already apply this to myself, I've been thinking about this concept for years now which explains why I you're most likely to see me smiling everytime you see me. There's nothing like smiling to hide the pain, just to make other's days feel that much better =). I just want to take this chance to let all my girls and guys know how much I do love them and I'll always b here for you to call or talk to anytime you need me. I won't let you down.. I hope :] I love you Jeh!

Until next time, Audrey*

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Make Up!

Make Up isn't a necessity!

I want to go back to basics where make up wasn't a necessity and you could just go out being as pale as you are, have one too many spots without caring about what anyone thought about you; natural beauty. I want people to love me for who I am and not just how I look, with or without make up, I want them to see the inner me and still think I'm beautiful. This is also goes to all the girls out there who wear make up everyday of their lives even when they're at home. Hun, you're beautiful so you don't need it! I mean look at all the boys who still have the confidence and cheek to go out thinking they look good when they really don't. Not forgetting the ones who can't even use make up to look good. How sad. LOL.. but okay back to females. I'm not going to lie and say I hate make up 'cause I don't. I used to though! But now I don't 'cause I love to experiment with new things all the time and I don't like my spots showing =[ sad times I know but I gotta live with these marks on my face; it's part of being a teenager I'm afraid. Course make up is essential when you're going to a party! Anything to look good, right? Just like jewelerry, accessories and perfume.. Ahhh what would us girls be without them! We might as well just stay at home in pyjama's with our hair down and no earrings.. Just feel naked! Oh and another thing before I leave this blog here is that you girls who use all these products/electrical blurghhhs need to cut down! If you're just sitting at home and you're not going no place special, save your Mum from paying these high electrical bills or your unneeded hair products which will only ruin your hair! Enough of my ranting about make-up etc.

Until next time, Audrey*


Just keeping it real and simple!
Alright so I have these great guy friends who are looking for a girl for them and have been waiting YEARSSS for her. I mean I know there are girls who are out there for them but always go for the "bad boy" whatever looking dudes who will eventually hurt them. GIRLS!!! HELLO?!? What are you doing sitting your lazy asses there adoring street rats for?!? You need to find these good guys who have everything you've only dreamed of and make your dreams reality. What more can you look for in these men?! Geeez Louiseee! Find someone who's worth it PLEASE for your sakes and for these sane guys' sakes.

For those couples holding it up with their anni's and what not, I adore yous! Wish you all the best and God bless your healthy relationships. I know you both swear at each other once in a while but that's what makes the relationship exciting! You gotta have some drama or action in it sometimes right?! =]

Until next time, Audrey*

"Perfect Man"

Do I Ask For Much?

I dream of that man who will one day just turn around and say “I love you” to me in front of everyone.
The man who will look at me straight in the eyes, see me in my pyjamas, smell my morning breath and be able to say “you’re beautiful” and mean it.
Tells me what he thinks of me, body and looks wise because a girl likes to be complimented at least once in a while.
Someone who knows me inside and out, and loves me for who I am.
He will be totally honest with me and tell me everything and anything I need to know.
The one who will buy 5 day pass just for me, spend the whole night talking to me and watching the sunrise.
He will cheer and scream for me even when I’m just singing karaoke and go out of tune.
He will cook for me and try his best not to burn the food.
Spend hours trying to at least make me smile when I’m feeling down.
Not just give me his jacket to wear, but hug me close and tight to make me feel safe and secure to show he cares if I get sick or not.
Give me all the attention I need and not be too over protective.
Tell dumb jokes and somehow make me laugh with him too.
Talk about random topics and still be interesting to talk to.
Takes me shopping and wouldn’t mind me spending money on him either.
He has to be able to lower his pride down and realise where he’s wrong and say sorry and mean it.
He will be the man that dresses up to impress not only me, but my girls and show he’s worth being with me.
Someone who doesn’t take his time getting ready and is never late, but at least have the effort to look good.
Be all sticky and sweaty but still maintain his natural sweet scent without smelling sour.
Feel free to kiss me on my forehead in front of his friends and not feel embarrassed.
Tell me sweet things in my ear or out loud and not lie.

Someone who will not grab me by the arm and force me to do something I don’t want to.
Knows not to ever lay a hand any girl whoever it may be and be able to respect her for who she is.
Stands up for me no matter what and be able to face me and tell me the truth.
Someone who enjoys just spending time with you wherever you are and can never get bored being with you.
Be my umbrella through all my rains, be my sun through all my rainbows and be my stars through all my cold lonely nights.
This dream is a dream worth waiting for to become reality, because he will be the one man who doesn’t have to promise he will always be there for you but act on it than say the words.

Until next time, Audrey*

Love Hurts!

"Why do we love Love, when Love seems to hate us?" - wise words from Jazmine Sullivan there; you gotta love it!
At first, Love is such a great feeling, one of the most amazing feelings you'll ever feel. The greatest feeling you'll ever have while you're alive and what some people believe we were put on Earth for; to find love and to be loved. Course you hear about happily ever after fairytales while you're young, and as a teenager you seem to see these couples who are madly in love and look like they'll never fall apart but there are concepts to relationships which make them last. No there isn't such thing as a perfect couple or perfect love 'cause perfect is only a concept in our mind or imagination which make believes there is something which possibly can reflect those fairytales. I was once told that, "there is no one who's perfect, you can only be perfect in someone else's eyes" which is true because we all have different interpretations of the meaning of perfect. After a while, Love doesn't seem to be all happy and as exciting as it used to be because mistakes are made, arguments caused and things said that can only be wished to be taken back, cannot. Love isn't only able to make us smile and laugh, it is also able to make us hurt, cry and do the craziest things. The main question of this all is, how much are you willing to get hurt for the person you love the most? Would you get hurt over and over again just to be with them? Or would you let them go 'cause you can't take the pain no more?
Through the past couple of years, I've had my share of different types of love, lust, infatuation, whatever you wanna call it... The pain is so bad that I hardly cry anymore. I've been hit with so many blows that I've lost all my energy to shout when I'm angry. I'm not bothered to shout no more, instead I take a breather, allow it to sink in and move on from it no matter how long it would take. Shouting takes up so much energy there really isn't any point in it anymore when you know mistakes will just be made over and over again to hurt you. When I do cry, they're only silent tears, tears no one needs to hear, tears which are only kept to myself 'cause I'm still learning how to be stronger than I already am.
Okay, so I'm still learning and I got a long way to go but if you were to ask me how much I'm willing to get hurt just to be with the person I love and who feels the same way towards me, I'd tell you "I'd get hurt over and over again just to be with them or without them. I'd get hurt over and over again just so they can be happy, and in turn, I'll be happy knowing they are too."
Until next time, Audrey*

Love, Like. Like, Love.

What would you choose, Love over Like? Or Like over Love?
So there comes a time where you're in love with someone but start to like someone else. When arguments are getting in the way of your relationship, you start moving towards the person you like without even realising and tend to blame your current partner for "pushing [you] away". Don't blame your partner for the way YOU'RE feeling 'cause they're not in control of your heart. Things such as your feelings start getting way out of hand when you lose control of them and start to fall for someone else you're not meant to have feelings for in the first place. What happens when things are going downhill in your current relationship but going up in the friendship you're building with the person you like? You suddenly start to feel much happier with this person than you are with your current partner. It feels like a wise decision to end it with that person, right? Since they're not making you as happy as this other one. But when was it ever right to choose the person you like over the person you love? If you trully love this person, you'd love them at their best and their worst. If you can't even sort problems out with your current partner, how do you ever tend to solve the same or even worse problems with your new one?

Love should never be replaced for like 'cause you never know when you can find something like it again. Like will come and go, it can grow and it can also die. Just 'cause you feel guilty for liking someone while you're in love with someone else doesn't necessarily mean you should leave the person you love. It's a great challenge you're put through to overcome, and to test how strong enough you are to hold on to your feelings and whether you're willing to fight for something worth fighting for.

Until next time, Audrey*


Is Cheating Ever Acceptable?!?

Yes I will get aggressive with my words but it is MY blog and I don't care if it hurts. It was your choice to read this in the first place anyway, right? :D Alright so i'm assuming your most likely answer is NO. But what if it "just happens" and no matter how much you try to stop it from happening, it just does. Okay so I personally haven't cheated 'cause it's against my morals etc. but I do have friends that have done it in the past or are still doing it now. Obviously I won't bait names but why did you do it in the first place if you know it's wrong and thought you'd never do it? I mean, karma does always come back around, so if you don't want it being done to you, why do it to others? I'm not going to judge you for c h e a t i n g in the first place but I am trying to see it from your perspective..

If you say you love the person a lot and you know cheating will hurt them the most, why do it? And why would you lie about it after you cheated on them and they cloked you?! What makes me laugh the most is how you use the same lines on them that you used on your original partner you're currently cheating on HAHA you're a serious joke!

So I understand you want to protect them from the truth that hurts but if you were honest and faithful with them in the first place then none of the shit you're in would be happening now. Has it ever occurred to all you cheaters out there that these people's salivas [and perhaps cum] are mixing all into your mouth - I mean don't you feel violated or disgusted with yourself of some sort?!? eeesh you have the cheek and guts to be doing that.

So after you've lied about cheating and where you been, who you were with etc. PLEASE tell me WHY you go running back to the person who leaves you and you say you "love"??? Actions speak louder than words so if you want that person to take you back, you have to prove that you really are worth taking back 'cause after they lose their trust in you, it'll be harder to bring it back. What pisses me off the most are hypocrites. Those who have cheated in the past still have the cheek to tell their friends to leave their current partner who have cheated on them 'cause apparently they're not "worth it". Well excuse you. Look who's talking after you cheated before, and you have the audacity to tell them their partners aren't worth it. What makes you think you're worth it then? If your friends have friends who you know that cheat, what makes you say things like "I don't even know why you have friends like that." when you're the one who's currently cheating or have cheated. HYPOCRITES.

Love isn't just a word, expression nor feeling, there's more to it but people tend to misuse it or take advantage of it's meaning to fool ones self. Love shouldn't be used as an excuse to forgive ones self for cheating. If you say it, make sure you mean it and no, there are no bending to these rules. Love is a serious matter which I will later discuss because there's more than just one aspect to it.

Until next time, Audrey*

Tuesday, 14 April 2009


Hi. Hello. Konichiwa. Kumusta? Hola.

You're all probably wondering why I started blogging.. I guess this is the only place where I can actually express life itself and my personal feelings. I wanted to write a book but I'm a bit too lazy to do that and I doubt people would be interested enough to buy my autobiography so hey! I thought I'd just post these up to show what I have learnt in life and what issues bug me the most, and last but not least, how aspects in life can sound SO simple yet be so complex!

Why name it "SourStrawberries" you may ask. Well let's just say, life isn't as sweet as we always want it to be, there are many sour experiences we go through... Strawberries? Like I said, we want life to be sweet, like Strawberries which I LOVE! but it doesn't always go the way we plan it. Not forgetting my girls who know me as "AudaberryStrawberry" - thanks guys for the inspiration = ].

Not everyone would be interested in reading my blogs so if you're not, do yourself a favour and just exit this window since you feel it won't be worth your time. For those who are in favour of this, I hope you enjoy being a follower and reading.

Until next time, Audrey*