Wednesday, 15 April 2009

"Perfect Man"

Do I Ask For Much?

I dream of that man who will one day just turn around and say “I love you” to me in front of everyone.
The man who will look at me straight in the eyes, see me in my pyjamas, smell my morning breath and be able to say “you’re beautiful” and mean it.
Tells me what he thinks of me, body and looks wise because a girl likes to be complimented at least once in a while.
Someone who knows me inside and out, and loves me for who I am.
He will be totally honest with me and tell me everything and anything I need to know.
The one who will buy 5 day pass just for me, spend the whole night talking to me and watching the sunrise.
He will cheer and scream for me even when I’m just singing karaoke and go out of tune.
He will cook for me and try his best not to burn the food.
Spend hours trying to at least make me smile when I’m feeling down.
Not just give me his jacket to wear, but hug me close and tight to make me feel safe and secure to show he cares if I get sick or not.
Give me all the attention I need and not be too over protective.
Tell dumb jokes and somehow make me laugh with him too.
Talk about random topics and still be interesting to talk to.
Takes me shopping and wouldn’t mind me spending money on him either.
He has to be able to lower his pride down and realise where he’s wrong and say sorry and mean it.
He will be the man that dresses up to impress not only me, but my girls and show he’s worth being with me.
Someone who doesn’t take his time getting ready and is never late, but at least have the effort to look good.
Be all sticky and sweaty but still maintain his natural sweet scent without smelling sour.
Feel free to kiss me on my forehead in front of his friends and not feel embarrassed.
Tell me sweet things in my ear or out loud and not lie.

Someone who will not grab me by the arm and force me to do something I don’t want to.
Knows not to ever lay a hand any girl whoever it may be and be able to respect her for who she is.
Stands up for me no matter what and be able to face me and tell me the truth.
Someone who enjoys just spending time with you wherever you are and can never get bored being with you.
Be my umbrella through all my rains, be my sun through all my rainbows and be my stars through all my cold lonely nights.
This dream is a dream worth waiting for to become reality, because he will be the one man who doesn’t have to promise he will always be there for you but act on it than say the words.

Until next time, Audrey*


  1. *takes notes*
    Some meaningful stuff! :D
    Just thought to comment because you commented mine.

    this totalyy made my cryy =']

  3. jomhel WAS like that. haha and still is in his own lil different ways cause i still get excited when im around him till now n makes me happy haha. i sound sad lol
    but yehhh everything u just said, if all of that happend.. that feeling will never be erased and will always be aprt of u!
    go audreyyyyy!!!

  4. :'( that was sooo beautiful audz...

    defo wat every girl wants.