Wednesday, 15 April 2009


Is Cheating Ever Acceptable?!?

Yes I will get aggressive with my words but it is MY blog and I don't care if it hurts. It was your choice to read this in the first place anyway, right? :D Alright so i'm assuming your most likely answer is NO. But what if it "just happens" and no matter how much you try to stop it from happening, it just does. Okay so I personally haven't cheated 'cause it's against my morals etc. but I do have friends that have done it in the past or are still doing it now. Obviously I won't bait names but why did you do it in the first place if you know it's wrong and thought you'd never do it? I mean, karma does always come back around, so if you don't want it being done to you, why do it to others? I'm not going to judge you for c h e a t i n g in the first place but I am trying to see it from your perspective..

If you say you love the person a lot and you know cheating will hurt them the most, why do it? And why would you lie about it after you cheated on them and they cloked you?! What makes me laugh the most is how you use the same lines on them that you used on your original partner you're currently cheating on HAHA you're a serious joke!

So I understand you want to protect them from the truth that hurts but if you were honest and faithful with them in the first place then none of the shit you're in would be happening now. Has it ever occurred to all you cheaters out there that these people's salivas [and perhaps cum] are mixing all into your mouth - I mean don't you feel violated or disgusted with yourself of some sort?!? eeesh you have the cheek and guts to be doing that.

So after you've lied about cheating and where you been, who you were with etc. PLEASE tell me WHY you go running back to the person who leaves you and you say you "love"??? Actions speak louder than words so if you want that person to take you back, you have to prove that you really are worth taking back 'cause after they lose their trust in you, it'll be harder to bring it back. What pisses me off the most are hypocrites. Those who have cheated in the past still have the cheek to tell their friends to leave their current partner who have cheated on them 'cause apparently they're not "worth it". Well excuse you. Look who's talking after you cheated before, and you have the audacity to tell them their partners aren't worth it. What makes you think you're worth it then? If your friends have friends who you know that cheat, what makes you say things like "I don't even know why you have friends like that." when you're the one who's currently cheating or have cheated. HYPOCRITES.

Love isn't just a word, expression nor feeling, there's more to it but people tend to misuse it or take advantage of it's meaning to fool ones self. Love shouldn't be used as an excuse to forgive ones self for cheating. If you say it, make sure you mean it and no, there are no bending to these rules. Love is a serious matter which I will later discuss because there's more than just one aspect to it.

Until next time, Audrey*


  1. LOOL sooo frigging trueee ! omdszz people like these piss me off mannn its so sadd

    whooooo i loveee yur words i doo =DD

  2. yeh this is really true.. and it really does piss me off too like really once i thought that theres not one guy whos faithful in the world!
    why would u bloody cheat on your partner and stil go running bk to them afterwards!!!! why????? cheating on sum1 means that you want sum1 else thats why you go sumwer else and get what u want from other people, but it takes the piss when they want ur forgiveness and stil go do it again, why not jus break up n then they can do theyr own thing? he or she can really take u for granted that no matter what they do wrong they think you can forgive them, which annoys me even more cause its true, if you love that person so much, you will forgive them-_-
    lol did i say abit too much hahahahaha ma bad i got carried away! lol xx

  3. if you really love someone, you wouldnt wana do anything that will hurt their feelings cause your menta make them happy

  4. yea that's true. but i guess everyone makes mistakes ><