Thursday, 16 April 2009


My best friend inspired me to write this blog because she had recently been in a near death experience and was rushed to the hospital. Sitting in the same chair I was sitting in when she called me telling me what was happening before she had been rushed made me realise that I'm nowhere near prepared for losing any of my friends, my closest ones especially. I was sitting there not knowing what to do, wondering what was going to happen next and who to tell. It was not my business to tell everyone what was happening to her. This made me realise that I should make the most out of my friends who are still here because I never know when they'll just be gone in an instant. It's not like I don't already apply this to myself, I've been thinking about this concept for years now which explains why I you're most likely to see me smiling everytime you see me. There's nothing like smiling to hide the pain, just to make other's days feel that much better =). I just want to take this chance to let all my girls and guys know how much I do love them and I'll always b here for you to call or talk to anytime you need me. I won't let you down.. I hope :] I love you Jeh!

Until next time, Audrey*

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