Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Love, Like. Like, Love.

What would you choose, Love over Like? Or Like over Love?
So there comes a time where you're in love with someone but start to like someone else. When arguments are getting in the way of your relationship, you start moving towards the person you like without even realising and tend to blame your current partner for "pushing [you] away". Don't blame your partner for the way YOU'RE feeling 'cause they're not in control of your heart. Things such as your feelings start getting way out of hand when you lose control of them and start to fall for someone else you're not meant to have feelings for in the first place. What happens when things are going downhill in your current relationship but going up in the friendship you're building with the person you like? You suddenly start to feel much happier with this person than you are with your current partner. It feels like a wise decision to end it with that person, right? Since they're not making you as happy as this other one. But when was it ever right to choose the person you like over the person you love? If you trully love this person, you'd love them at their best and their worst. If you can't even sort problems out with your current partner, how do you ever tend to solve the same or even worse problems with your new one?

Love should never be replaced for like 'cause you never know when you can find something like it again. Like will come and go, it can grow and it can also die. Just 'cause you feel guilty for liking someone while you're in love with someone else doesn't necessarily mean you should leave the person you love. It's a great challenge you're put through to overcome, and to test how strong enough you are to hold on to your feelings and whether you're willing to fight for something worth fighting for.

Until next time, Audrey*

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