Wednesday, 15 April 2009


Just keeping it real and simple!
Alright so I have these great guy friends who are looking for a girl for them and have been waiting YEARSSS for her. I mean I know there are girls who are out there for them but always go for the "bad boy" whatever looking dudes who will eventually hurt them. GIRLS!!! HELLO?!? What are you doing sitting your lazy asses there adoring street rats for?!? You need to find these good guys who have everything you've only dreamed of and make your dreams reality. What more can you look for in these men?! Geeez Louiseee! Find someone who's worth it PLEASE for your sakes and for these sane guys' sakes.

For those couples holding it up with their anni's and what not, I adore yous! Wish you all the best and God bless your healthy relationships. I know you both swear at each other once in a while but that's what makes the relationship exciting! You gotta have some drama or action in it sometimes right?! =]

Until next time, Audrey*

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