Sunday, 19 April 2009

Music :]*

I'm one of those people who would say "Music is my LIFE", but don't misjudge me when I say that. I'm into nearly every type of music you can think of, sometimes even Classical ;P - I did tell you I'm not your typical average girl lol. This blog is just about Musicians/Singers who are doing it for me :] Off course I'm into the typical Old School Garage and Funkyhouse etc but the songs which inspire me the most are the ones who bring a new flavour into music, or an artist who I see different from others.

Tonya Mitchell
In my opinion is one of THE best slow jam artists right now. I love her music too much! I just couldn't find a site with her music on so just download it or buy her album ;] Some of her songs are up on youtube but I wouldn't say it's updated.

Pixie Lott
She's a fresh new artist who I think has some BANGING tunes! It's fresh, different and funky. You need to listen to her. Love her or hate her, I don't care but personally her music is HOTTT.


Filipino female artist. You don't pronounce her name as K-Cat, just pronounced at "Cat" lol. Her first big hit was "My Destiny" then "I Got U" followed soon after. Now she's got a new kind of flavour of music which is different but I love it! :D

Jason Mraz
I've got to say my favourite song from him is "Im Yours" - it's so catchy, flowy and touching when you listen to the lyrics carefully.

Deborah Cox
Someone buy me her album please!!! Her songs inspire me :D

Lady Gaga
The infamous Gaga. She wears a wig for her long hair but oh well! She slyly dirty as well but we love her 'cause she knows the meaning of fun ^_^


Don't upset the rhythm!!!

Jazmine Sullivan

She's making it big!!! Her songs mean a lot and she brings in something different that other R&B artists haven't brought yet. I love her songs, I just need the money to buy it from HMV ><
She's kind of retired now 'cause of her baby =[ but she will always be a great artist in my eyes =] from her music to her clothing.

The Ting Tings
I just have to say one thing... SHUT UP AND LET ME GO HEY! LOL

Now let's take it back to the good old days... which still makes my heart skip a beat everytime I hear them :]
Boyz II Men

They are by far THE BEST slow jam writers/singers in living history 'cause no one can compare to the flavour they brought.

Brian Mcknight

I'm not even going to lie. His songs can make me cryyy my eyes out!!! Especially his song that goes "never felt this way about loving it feels so good" ahhh wow. He's so wow and I'm proud to say his wife is Filipino :D and he even made a tagalog version of his song "I'm Sorry" =] It's a shame I didn't get to buy tickets for his concert at the O2 >=[

I'll add to this when I'm bothered again :D
Until next time, Audrey*

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  1. Audrey your selection is on point lol, lets share music one day!