Sunday, 26 April 2009


Yes can you believe I still haven't slept yet geeez. My sleeping pattern is so messed up. Ever since the Easter holidays I haven't been able to sleep properly! Sad times I know 'cause I love my sleep but I got deadlines to meet, revision to do. So much work load; so much stress. Ahhh being a teenager is all love and hate conflict really. So you're wondering why I'm still up at THIS particular time... It's because I had to finish my darn English Coursework off where we were only given two weeks to complete = two drafts only, the 1st draft and final draft. I just had to start all over again 'cause I'm determined to get an A in it!!! Even if it's a few marks off an A, I don't care, I know I spent time fixing it up anyway =].
So... I got church in roughly 4hours and a bit so there is no way I'm sleeping now otherwise I won't be able to get up! I will have to kill time by doing some revision, reading and of course blogging! :D I actually have cut down on MSN and Facebook 'cause I'm back to college and it's not so necessary nowadays unless you gotta talk to people about something important or urgent. There's not a lot of free time on my hands anymore and more of my time is going to be taken up by dance. Yes, I'm going back to dance after two years or more!! I'll be slacking but allow me, it takes time to get back into the habit again. I guess that will be my new form of excercise - I love ittt! But I gotta make sure it doesn't get in the way of my studies. Oh dear such a hassle these exams hey. Oh well, that's the way life goesss. Okay so I'm chatting enough s**t on here, I'll just catch up on my sleep when I get home from church. The sun is friggin out already and the sky is blue! LOL.
Sleep we don't back!
Until next time, Audrey*

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  1. lol oh the joys of being a teenager lolz.