Tuesday, 14 April 2009


Hi. Hello. Konichiwa. Kumusta? Hola.

You're all probably wondering why I started blogging.. I guess this is the only place where I can actually express life itself and my personal feelings. I wanted to write a book but I'm a bit too lazy to do that and I doubt people would be interested enough to buy my autobiography so hey! I thought I'd just post these up to show what I have learnt in life and what issues bug me the most, and last but not least, how aspects in life can sound SO simple yet be so complex!

Why name it "SourStrawberries" you may ask. Well let's just say, life isn't as sweet as we always want it to be, there are many sour experiences we go through... Strawberries? Like I said, we want life to be sweet, like Strawberries which I LOVE! but it doesn't always go the way we plan it. Not forgetting my girls who know me as "AudaberryStrawberry" - thanks guys for the inspiration = ].

Not everyone would be interested in reading my blogs so if you're not, do yourself a favour and just exit this window since you feel it won't be worth your time. For those who are in favour of this, I hope you enjoy being a follower and reading.

Until next time, Audrey*

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