Thursday, 2 July 2009

28th June '09

So I was sitting and waiting at my salon to get my hair done for Prom when I decided to go through some random mag. No it was no ordinary mag, the paper was a bit thicker than just an ordinary mag... It was almost like a mini catalogue with different fashion trends, hairstyles etc and here's what I encountered:

Funky Hats;
<--this was one of my favourites!

Anime make up;
Believe this was actually real people. Their anime eyes were drawn on top of their eyelids so they had to take pictures with their eyes shut! The aim was to reach the anime effect with the make up and hair. Also cause the designer saw anime as not just sweet little japanese girls but girls with an edge, some violent and aggressive so they made the models appear with weapons which is clearly shown in their outfits. I love this!
I hope you enjoyed this random post lol.
Until next time, Audrey*

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