Thursday, 13 August 2009


Time is GOLD
Time plays a big part in everyone's life. It's just that not everyone realises how important it is to them. There are always quotes I hear from people's mouths like "I need more time" or "She/He caught me at the wrong time" or "Only time will tell" etc. But what if you have a good opportunity, and at that split second, you can make a decision which can influence the current life you have now, which can make you happier? If you screw this opportunity up, you may never get another chance like this until after a few months, years, maybe even never.. What if tables were turned and you gave this chance to the same person who gave it to you, would you take it or leave it? Basically, what I'm trying to say is, allow time to play it's part in your life but don't throw away opportunities which may not always come. The decisions you make can be influenced by the time you make them. Think about what's best for you and others around you. Time is a precious thing. Don't waste it.
Until next time, Audrey*

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