Thursday, 18 March 2010

Don't break.

When you fall down, get back up, even stronger.

But when you fall and break, it's hard to repair yourself again.
It'll be even harder to get back up, if you're in pieces.
That's where I just came from.

I've seen and learnt that it takes time.
Weeks, months, maybe even years to repair the broken pieces of yourself.
Those cracks you find in your foundations, are all insecurities seeping through it. Or maybe even sadness, depression.

Some may notice it, but you won't.
You won't notice how much repairing you need for yourself.
You won't notice how much it's true what they say, you have to love yourself before you learn to love others.
And by doing that, that means getting over your insecurities, your past, your sadness and your depression.
That means finding happiness YOURSELF, not finding someone else to be with to actually make you happy.
No, 'cause when that person leaves you, you're back to your broken self and nothing is actually really solved until you find someone else to "complete" you.
But see, that term is only used, and should only be used if you know that deep down, you ARE incomplete, and you ARE broken.

A real relationship doesn't consist of two broken people, "completing" each other, it should consist of two WHOLE people, putting their insecurities aside to be strong enough together, to actually make it work and pass every trial there is in a relationship without getting hurt as much.
The weak ones don't survive.
And you'll see this in every weak relationship, the more they hurt, the more they'll become weak, then they'll break up and find someone else to "complete" them.
But that's not how it should work.

With every relationship that has broken you, you need time to repair yourself from the damage that has been caused to your heart, your feelings, your emotions.
With every bad thing that happened in your past, you should learn to forgive, forget and learn not to bring it up again and not to allow it to get in the way of your present life, 'cause it could ruin you, your relationship and your friendships.
And you wouldn't realise how it can also lead you to immaturity until it's too late.

If you find that you have been broken into pieces, or damaged, treat yourself.
Find the strength in yourself, the love you have for yourself, to repair the damage that has been caused.
'Cause that will be the only way you can get back up on your feet again.
If you learn to love yourself, the way you want others to love you, you have to earn respect for yourself, for others to respect you too.
And only by doing that, you find your true happiness.

You can sort out the problems with your insecurities and personality along the way.

Just remember to pick up your own pieces, repair them and conceal them, to make you a better you and even stronger, so when you come back up, you come back even higher and happier with yourself and with life.
Life isn't a fairytale, we just gotta live it to the fullest.

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